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Drain blocked? Here’s how to unclog your drain yourself!

Which drain unblocker do you choose?

drain unblocking northamptonThere are several ways to unclog a clogged drain. But which one is best to choose? Check out the step-by-step plan below and find out how to fix a clogged drain. If after following the step-by-step plan, the drain is still clogged, call in a professional unclogging company. The Emergency Plumber Northampton is a professional unblocking company and is on site throughout North Ampton within an hour.

Caution! Using unblockers is not without risk. If used incorrectly, pipes and plumbing can be seriously damaged!

Drain unblocking Northampton step-by-step plan
To unclog a drain, you can follow the step-by-step plan below. Beware! If you don’t know what you’re doing, the pipes may get damaged, resulting in high repair costs. So be careful.

The roadmap you can follow to unclog a drain:

Step 1: Cleaning the drain

To start with, it is wise to clean the drain properly. Disconnect the siphon and clean it, along with the pipe. This may already be enough to clear the clog in the drain. Is it a clog in the toilet? Then you can use your hand or a flexible pull spring to feel if something is stuck in the drain. Do this carefully to avoid damaging the drain.

Step 2: Unclog the drain with a plunger

Did cleaning not or not completely result in an unblocked drain? Then you can try unclogging the drain with a plunger. Make sure the ‘plop per’ is in the water and move the plop per back and forth. The suction may cause the clog to loosen on its own.

Step 3: Unclog the drain with an unblocker spring

If the plunger did not work, you can try unclogging the clogged drain with an unblocker. Make sure you handle the spring carefully. If used incorrectly, the unblocker spring can damage the sewer pipe and there is much more damage.

Unclog the drain with liquid drain unblocker

We strongly advise against unblocking the drain with liquid drain unblocker! The chemical unblocker causes a chemical reaction that can seriously damage the drain. In addition, liquid drain unblocker is not good for your health and is therefore a health hazard. In addition, it does not solve the clog in most cases. What you could do is use a soda solution and a cup of vinegar, which you pour down the drain. Be careful! This will fizz.

Unclogged drain unsuccessful?

If unclogging the drain has failed, contact a drain unblocking in Northampton. For the whole of North Ampton, Emergency Plumber Northampton is on site within an hour, and we solve how sewer problem quickly and competently. When inspecting the clogged drain, we always use camera inspection so we can properly detect where the clog in your sewer is.

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